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J. 2017

It has been over one year since I started my Physical Therapy at AC Physical Therapy. I have received treatment from/by Carrie, Ashley, and the office staff and have benefited from my customized, compassionate care from both therapists and staff. I am not through with the therapy, but I am doing well and enjoy every one of my caring therapists and my treatments. I work in the medical profession and have not met many other medical therapists who are as good as these two therapists. Indeed AC does provide customized compassionate care. Thank you for all that you do, and have done.     

S. 2018

This PT office is one of the BEST offices for PT we’ve seen. My husband and I have been coming here for years.  

Gina B.

I’m not just another diagnosis. I am a patient and I am a person. I feel that Amber genuinely wants to see me get better and I trust that she can help me get there. 

Letter of Appreciation


To Amber Carpenter, Carrie Matter, Ashley Lyons, Christy Lawson, Charlene, Amy, Erin and Kelsey


I wish to express my appreciation for the outstanding performance of duty by all of you during my period of therapy from March 10, 2010 to August 11, 2011.


I witnessed first-hand the enthusiasm, professionalism, and empathy displayed not only to me, but also to all of my peers during my periods of treatment for three different injuries.  The performance was indicative of a high state of training, extremely cooperative attitude, willingness to work long hours, and a desire to help achieve the utmost improvement in the health of your patients.


Please express my thanks to all who made my period of treatment almost a joy. With such an attitude toward your duties, I am sure you all will have a most successful and satisfying career in your chosen profession.


Miss you all —-JM

Jon, Sydney and Jim

Carrie has been treating my symptoms of spinal stenosis of both the lower back and neck for six years.  She is a highly competent, inspirational professional who treats both the body and the psyche. The regimen of therapy combined with a sensible exercise regimen have kept me hiking and otherwise enjoying a rewarding lifestyle which seemed out reach at the onset of my problems.   Her dedication to ongoing study in her field, and a deep concern for the welfare of her patients leads to the best possible outcome, within the limits of the problems being treated. My wife and son have also benefited highly favorable results from her care.

Richard D.

Thank you and your staff for the fine treatment (of my lower back problems) I just completed at AC Physical Therapy. I started feeling positive results from my very first visit, with continued improvement at every subsequent session. 


After having shoulder surgery in December, 2008, I started post surgical therapy with AC Physical Therapy.  The trick to getting better is a combination of a competent and positive therapist and a patient who is willing to complete the  home exercise program. Carrie is a great and competent therapist who works in a very competent way and I listened to her advice and did the exercises.  This resulted in my best hitting year ever playing senior softball and I would highly recommend AC Physical Therapy! 


I came to Amber at AC Physical Therapy with complications about 9 months after I had a L5-S1 fusion. I spent most of that 9 months going from surgeon to doctors to a neurologist to a pain management specialist to a urologist, to a gynecologist.  They gave me pain medication and told me that I should get better in time. I was frustrated and miserable. I couldn’t drive, exercise, sit, clean, or even sleep with out being in pain. I was hurting all day every day even with the pain medication. Amber was wonderful.  My case wasn’t an easy one. She tried different techniques all the time. She would ask me every appointment how I was feeling from the last appointment. Depending on whether it was positive or negative feedback determined what we did that appointment. I won’t say that I am completely without pain, but I will say that I can do a lot of the things that I previously couldn’t do with out being in pain.  Thank you Amber for not giving up on me.

Jayme M

Just want it to be known that I am a huge SUCCESS story!  Amber and Christy are AMAZING THERAPISTS! The entire staff treated me with respect, were generous and polite! Wish all Dr. offices were like YOU! I felt like a PERSON not just a number! I had a horrible skin INFECTION on my right hip from using an alcohol prep pad that was recalled by TRIAD.  But thanks to Amber, Christy and the great staff at ACPT, I healed in just 3 months! With NO SURGERY! They took such good care of me! Please please put it up so everyone can see? Want them to know just how GREAT you are!!

Brian H

AC Physical Therapy provides care that is personalized, compassionate, goal oriented and effective. Amber Carpenter, the founder of AC  Physical Therapy, is a true professional. Amber creatively applies her wealth of knowledge to develop customized treatment plans designed to address the patient’s specific needs and goals.


When I first saw Amber I was suffering from pelvic floor issues related to interstitial cystitis and a connective tissue disorder. I had been referred to AC Physical Therapy by my urologist who had told me; “Amber is the physical therapist that you want to see”.  My urologist specifically knew about Amber’s ability to effectively treat pelvic floor disorders.Amber’s first step was to thoroughly evaluate and document my medical history, symptoms and goals. She then developed a personalized treatment plan that would provide symptom relief and help me achieve my goals.


The result? Great symptom relief and the ability to discontinue the expensive medication and repeated visits to my urologist needed to help manage the painful symptoms of interstitial cystitis.


As an age category bicycle racer, I have also seen Amber for

wound care. Unfortunately, I crashed during a race this summer and suffered significant deep wounds to the left side of my body. Once again, it was AC Physical Therapy to the rescue! Amber and her team was able to effectively treat my wounds so that they would heal quickly so that I could get back on the

bike racing again. My testimonial concerning AC Physical Therapy would not be complete without mentioning the the wonderful office staff. Charlene always greets you with a smile and is an expert at negotiating through the often complicated and frustrating process of dealing with medical insurance. Charlene always has the patients best interests at heart!  Amber and her team at AC Physical Therapy truly has made a difference in my life! Thank you!

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